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Philips Philips Series 3000 Fully Automatic Coffe Maker 1,8 L 1850 W 15 bar Black HD8824/01
Philips Series 3000 Fully Automatic Coffe Maker 1,8 L 1850 W 15 bar Black HD8824/01
Philips Series 3000 Fully Automatic Coffe Maker 1,8 L 1850 W 15 bar Black HD8824/01

Philips Series 3000 Fully Automatic Coffe Maker 1,8 L 1850 W 15 bar Black HD8824/01

por Philips - Vendido por myWorld

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Philips - Philips Series 3000 Fully Automatic Coffe Maker 1,8 L 1850 W 15 bar Black HD8824/01
Philips - Philips Series 3000 Fully Automatic Coffe Maker 1,8 L 1850 W 15 bar Black HD8824/01


Your favourite coffee always just a push of a button away
Experience the best espresso and always get the full aroma of fresh coffee beans thanks to the 100% ceramic grinder that does not overheat the beans. With the automatic milk frother, you can also prepare your milk froth at the touch of a button.

20,000 cups of aromatic coffee thanks to durable ceramic grinder
Our grinder is 100% ceramic: it is extremely hard and precise so you can enjoy fresh aromatic coffee for at least 20,000 cups.

Enjoy 4 coffee specialities at the touch of a button
Enjoy a variety of drinks to suit every occasion. Whether you are looking for a strong espresso, an aromatic coffee or a creamy milk drink - our fully automatic coffee maker will make a delicious cup of your desired beverage in no time at all.

Adapt your coffee spout to every cup
The height-adjustable coffee spout of our espresso machines adapts to each cup and prevents spraying or cooling of the coffee while it is being poured into the cup. In this way, your espresso is always served at the right temperature and your machine stays clean.

Velvety creamy milk foam at the touch of a button thanks to automatic milk frother
The preparation of a velvety cappuccino is child's play thanks to the automatic milk frother. The milk frother, which Baristas also call "Cappuccinatore", draws the milk directly from the milk container, froths it up automatically and fills it into your cup with a constant flow of milk without splashes.

Adjust the filling quantity individually and choose from 5 grind settings

Designed for high capacities in a compact design
Enjoy the benefits of more space and less frequent refilling thanks to large bean, water and coffee grounds containers in a compact design. This intelligent, fully automatic machine offers you maximum comfort and first-class performance thanks to the large water tank, bean and coffee grounds container.

Smooth milk foam from the milk frother
Crown every cup of coffee with creamy milk foam, which spoils you all around. The milk container foams the milk twice and adds the creamy foam to your cup at just the right temperature. The container can also be conveniently stored in the refrigerator and is very hygienic.

The perfect coffee temperature thanks to our thermoblock
The fast-heating thermoblock ensures aromatic coffee or cappuccino at the perfect temperature. The secret lies in its lightweight aluminium and stainless steel housing, which quickly reaches high temperatures.

Easy cleaning thanks to fully removable brewing unit
The brewing group is the heart of every fully automatic coffee machine and should be cleaned regularly. The removable brewing group allows you to clean it thoroughly by simply rinsing it under running water.

Edit and save your personal user profile
You can store the filling quantity for each drink - whether coffee or milk speciality - according to your taste. So you can enjoy espresso, coffee and all other beverages exactly the way you want them at the touch of a button.

Enjoy excellent coffee thanks to the automatic cleaning function and instructions for descaling.
This fully automatic coffee maker automatically cleans the coffee circuit when you start or stop the machine, ensuring a great, fresh taste for every cup of coffee. Regular descaling extends the life of your espresso machine. This machine alerts you when it needs to be descaled and guides you through what to do and when with clear on-screen messages.

Características do produto

Especificações técnicas - Aroma strength settings: No
- Cup filling quantity: Adjustable
- Grinding degree settings: 5
- Aroma setting before brewing: No
- User profiles: 1
- Milk solution: Automatic milk frother
- User interface: LED keys
- Automatic cleaning function and instructions for descaling: Yes
- Main switch, On/Off switch: Yes
- Fast heating instantaneous water heater: Yes
- Removable brewing group: Yes
- Capacity of the coffee grounds container: 15 portions
- Water tank capacity: 1,8 l
- Power output: 1850 W
- Pump pressure: 15 bar
- Frequency: 50 Hz
- Max. Height of the cup: 152 mm
- Voltage: 230 V
- Cable length: > 100 cm
- Filter compatibility: Brita Intenza
- Coffee grounds container: access from the front
- Water tank: access from above
- Capacity for coffee beans: 250 g
- Coffee specialities: Espresso, Espresso Lungo, Hot Water, Milk Foam
- Coffee powder option: No
- Double cup: Yes
- Double cup of milk: No

Características Philips 3000 series HD8824/01. Design da caixa: Bancada, Tipo de produto: Máquina espresso, Tipo de cafeteira: Completamente automático, Volume do depósito de água: 1,8 l, Tipo de entrada de café: Grãos de café, Número de bicos: 2, Moinho incorporado. Potência: 1850 W. Cor da caixa: Preto

Product Details


GTIN 8710103724322

Data de lançamento 28.01.2015

Product Type Máquinas de café automáticas

Dimensão 429 x 215 x 330  mm

Peso do produto 7200 g

Cor Black

Número da peça do fabricante HD8824/01

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